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​Here are MOST of the Crazy Staff here at Greenfield Fitness.
  1. Madison Rene Daniel
    Maddie is a L1 Certified Trainer. Kickboxing, Spinning, Step, Team Shock, Orange Zone Trainer ...
  2. Reece Green
    Reece is a L1 Certified Trainer. He is also the Strength & Conditioning Coach @ GCHS. LIFT Club, Shock, Orange Zone Training.
  3. Janice Conley
    Janice has been with Greenfield Fitness since 2011. You may recognize her smiling face as our Member Services Assistant... but Janice is also lovingly known as "The Bouncer".
  4. Amy Giesler
    Amy has 20+ years working in the fitness industry. She is a ACE certified personal Trainer, Balanced Body certified pilates mat and reformer teacher, Pink Ribbon Instructor and a Yoga Alliance registered Yoga Instructor. Yoga, Pilates, Spinning, Orange Zone Training...
  5. Mindy Pope
    Mindy is a L1 Certified Trainer. Team Shock, WOD, Power Lift...
  6. Phil Bogan
    Phil teaches our Forever Fit classes. He is a certified YogaFit instructor. His workout Philosophy is: 1. Start where you are NOW. 2. Don't compete with anyone in class (including yourself)! 3. If you're moving you're Improving. 4. Unlike Math class, exercise should be FUN!!
  7. Dylan Snyder
    Dylan is a Assistant Football Coach @ GCHS. He teaches CrossWOD, Lifters Club
  8. Monica Holden
    Monica is our certified Zumba Instructor.
  9. Jennifer Girolami

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